How to Enroll My Child in School 

Enrollment Process

To register and enroll your child in the school that he or she is zoned to attend, bring the following to school:

  • The child’s birth certificate or other proof of age and identity;
  • Proof of your identity and residential address (driver’s license and utility bill); and
  • A record of your child’s current immunizations signed by a doctor.

Your child may be eligible to enroll provisionally if the required immunization process has begun. Texas law requires that a child must be enrolled by the child’s parent or guardian or another person with legal control of the child under a court order. It also requires the district to record the name, address, and date of birth of the person enrolling the student.

For more information, click on the appropriate links to the right, or call Health Services at 713-556-7280.

Where and When to Enroll

Each school in HISD handles its own registration and enrollment. Most HISD schools open for enrollment no later than the first week of August. To find out the enrollment schedule for a specific school, telephone the school. To find out which school your child is zoned to attend, use the School Zone Search Tool. See School Choice Options for information about transfers and Magnet/Vanguard and charter-school enrollment.

School Boundary Maps

To view individual school boundary maps, go to the Schools Channel. Type in part of the name of the school in the "Search by Name" field and click "Search." All schools have an "Attendance Boundary Map" link. If you need additional assistance, see How to Find School Information.

Documents Required for Enrollment

Student Transfer Department: 713-556-6734

Every school district requires identification of each student as a condition of enrollment, which must be under a student’s legal name as shown on that student’s birth certificate or other legal document. The parent or legal guardian must furnish documentation of the student’s identity, age, and residence and a copy of the student’s records within 30 days of enrollment (or 90 days if the student was born outside the U.S.). If the student does not have a Social Security number, HISD will assign a Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) number. No student may be denied enrollment solely because of failure to meet the documentation requirements. Enrollment is provisional, however, pending receipt of the required documentation and verification of eligibility.

A parent or legal guardian who resides with relatives or friends within HISD and who wishes to send a child to an HISD school must submit a statement of residence. The parent or guardian must complete the statement at the zoned school and must supply the following:

  • Photo identification
  • A letter from the official resident of the address at which the applicant is living, stating how long the applicant has lived at that address
  • The name of the school the student attended most recently
  • A copy of the official resident’s most recent bill for electricity, gas, or water; and
  • If the residence is an apartment, a valid lease giving the name of the official resident. (For assistance, call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734.)

If your child is entering HISD from another school district, you will also need a record of current immunizations and his or her most recent report card. The school will also request an academic transcript from your child’s previous school. More information and forms may be found on the HISD Health & Medical Services Web site.

Information About Required Immunizations

Health and Medical Services: 713-556-7280

Preparing your child for school means more than getting the right school supplies and uniforms—parents should also update their child's immunizations. When enrolling your child in school, be sure to bring to the school a record of your child’s current immunizations signed by a doctor. Your child may be eligible to enroll provisionally if the required immunization process has begun.

For more information about required immunizations, see the Immunization Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Texas Department of State Health Services School and Child-care Facility Requirements or call Health Services at 713-556-7280. More immunization information is available on the HISD Health Services Web site.

Some organizations offer free immunizations to eligible children through their regular healthcare providers, such as Texas Vaccinations for Children. Others offer free immunizations during specific hours on certain days of the month. For other clinic locations that offer free vaccinations (including those provided by the City of Houston), call Health and Medical Services at 713-349-7423.

To view the medical requirements for attendance at an HISD school, click here to visit the Health & Medical website. The requirements are listed in the Immunization section.

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