What School Should My Child Attend?

Student Transfer:   713-556-6734

School Attendance Zones

Most schools have specifically defined attendance zones that include residential areas that each school serves. On the basis of a student's home address, HISD assigns each student to a "feeder pattern" composed of a specific elementary, middle, and high school.

To determine which schools serve your residence, use the online "School Zone Search Tool" or call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734 or the HISD Information Center at 713-556-6005.

School Boundary Maps

To view individual school boundary maps, go to the Schools channel. Type in part of the name of the school in the "Search by Name" field and click "Submit." All schools have an "Attendance Boundary Map" link. If you need more help, see How to Find School Information.


Parents may also apply to a school other than the "zoned" campus for other types of transfers, such as Magnet/Vanguard, special transfers for courses or programs, impassable geographic barriers, majority-to-minority, space-available, out-of-district, violent-crime victim, unsafe school, adequate yearly progress, and public education grant. See School Choice Options for details. Out-of-district transfers may be available on a "space available" and tuition basis for students residing outside HISD. All out-of-district transfers, including Vanguard and HISD charter-school and contract programs, require the approval of the principal and superintendent of schools.

Other Options

In the interest of ensuring the widest possible range of choices in education, HISD also offers parents the option of sending their child to a school other than the "home" or "zoned" campus, provided that the school of choice has sufficient space available to accept additional students. When the school of choice accepts a student from outside its attendance zone, HISD requires that the parents agree to keep the student at the chosen school for the entire school year, and parents must assume responsibility for the student's transportation.

For information about available space, the application process, and eligibility for transfers, call the school in which you are interested or the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734.

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