Geographic Regions and Feeder Patterns

Most HISD schools are assigned to one of five regions (North, East, South, West, and Central) with offices located in communities to give students and parents personalized service and immediate assistance. The five geographic regions encompass "feeder patterns" or teams of schools in which the majority of students in a given community move from elementary school, to middle school to the high school located in their neighborhoods.

Each regional office is managed by a regional superintendent who coordinates a team of executive principals to ensure the quality of instruction throughout the region's feeder patterns. Feeder pattern information is available on each of the Region Web sites. Regional mangers serve to strengthen the district's outreach to parents by handling parental concerns and working to improve parent, volunteer, and business-partner programs. View a list of schools in each region by selecting a region on the map below.

Alternative and external charter schools are located throughout the district to provide a menu of schools and programs that meet the needs of students who benefit from a nontraditional educational environment. The district's schools and programs strive to provide quality instruction by utilizing a myriad of strategic interventions and innovative enrichments tailored to meet the unique educational and developmental needs of these students. An Alternative and Charter Schools Office manages those types of schools.


North Region South Region East Region West Region Central Region

North Region
Cynthia Q. Wilson, Regional Superintendent
Phone: 713-671-4530
Fax: 713-671-4549

5426 Cavalcade
Houston, TX 77026-4023
HISD Route 7

East Region
Thelma Garza, Regional Superintendent
Phone: 713-923-8597
Fax: 713-967-5222

1102 Telephone
Houston, TX 77023-3126
HISD Route 11

South Region
Warner D. Ervin, Regional Superintendent
Phone: 713-434-4700
Fax: 713-434-4714

4040 W. Fuqua
Houston, TX 77045-6307
HISD Route 2

West Region
Barbara Thornhill, Regional Superintendent
Phone:  713-662-2142
Fax:   713-349-7415

5827 Chimney Rock
Houston, TX 77081-2714
HISD Route 1

Central Region
Adriana Támez, Regional Superintendent
Phone: 713-293-9700
Fax: 713-802-4620

812 West 28th Street
Houston, TX 77008-1710
HISD Route 6

Alternative and Charter Schools
Deborah Singleton, Manager
Phone: 713-807-5181
Fax: 713-807-5137

3200 Rosedale
Houston, TX 77004-6297
HISD Route 11 

HISD Regional Offices Map with Major Freeways

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